If you or your firm are involved in serving, delivering or retrieving summons, complaints, injunctions, civil actions, subpoenas, or other legal documents, you’ll find ServeOP will get the job done with the highest professional standards.


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In just five minutes, we’ll assign you to a member of our team to work with directly. This person will arrange the service of summons, subpoenas, and more today.


Thousands of attorneys and individuals that need legal documents filed quickly and effectively rely on our service each month. Complete your legal tasks without leaving your office or home today.

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We employ knowledgeable process servers who are familiar with local, state and national guidelines. We will ensure that your papers are served quickly and legally within the time constraints so that you may go forward with the legal action that you are trying to pursue.

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We can file your papers at any courthouse by the end of the day. We’d love to help advance your court case immediately.

Document Retrieval

Winning in court often requires documents that you don’t already have on hand. We’ve got you covered with fast and accurate document retrieval and reproduction.

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At Serve OP we will serve your opposing party! We are a young and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals who believe in innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solutions. ServeOP specializes in providing fast, accurate and efficient legal support services to all facets of the legal community, corporate legal groups, and private individuals.


Our attention to detail, and thorough work ethic guarantee that your firm’s projects will be treated with the utmost priority. With our wide-spread involvement in the process serving and the legal community, we have been able to build our network. Whether you need a process server in North Carolina or Texas our network allows us to provide our clients with a single point of contact for their business needs.

Our network allows us to serve our clients Nationwide. Whether you require local, national or international services, we can manage all your legal document projects. ServeOP guarantees a prompt, efficient and accurate result.

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Our Legal Process Service: 3 Simple Steps!


Once we have received your application, we will respond with an email confirmation the same day. If you submit a Rush order, we will respond to you immediately.


Once of our highly trained professional servers will attempt to serve your document(s) as instructed by your Job Order.


Once Your document(s) have been served. We will send you an Affidavit of Service!

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Our Legal Process Service: 3 Simple Steps!

What is a professional process server?

Process servers serve individuals or parties involved in a lawsuit or legal case with the relevant paperwork, such as subpoenas or summons. Process service is an integral part of our judicial system and due process by ensuring that parties are aware of any legal actions that concern them or their business.

How to hire a process server?

After finding a list of process servers on ServeNow, ask for quotes and service options to see who best meets your needs. Fully list your expectations to see if your potential server is competent to handle all aspects of your case. After finalizing a payment agreement, ask how to best send your papers to the company for service.

How much does a process server cost?

Prices vary server to server, state to state, and case to case. Many individuals, lawyers, and businesses see process serving costs range from $20 to $100+. Describe your needs, timeline, expectations, and other requirements to get an accurate price quote from any server on ServeNow.

Should I hire a process server or a sheriff?

For the best service of process, lawyers, firms, businesses, and private individuals should hire a process server rather than a sheriff. Process servers are professionals solely dedicated to successfully serving individuals. Process servers’ success rate, speed, and costs are all better than sheriff’s.

I've been served, now what?

If the papers are addressed to your or your company, you should review the paperwork to gather information about the case and how you are involved. The paperwork direct actions on your part, such as a summons, which mandates your appearance in court, or a subpoena, which mandates you provide physical evidence to the court. It is important that you properly respond and act to the request, otherwise, you could be held in contempt of court. If you have any outstanding legal questions regarding the case, hire a lawyer.

What other services do process servers provide?

ServeNow is a directory of pre-screened professional process servers. Process servers often provide additional legal support services alongside service of process. Ask a ServeNow server if they offer any of the below services that you may need for your legal court case.